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What You Learn In 4 Days

In 4 Days you will be amazed at the amount of knowledge you will know about export. This Bootcamp is designed to help Africans who are not quite ready to begin exporting acquire the key knowledge they need to start an export business. It is also guaranteed to help them determine that product that is very profitable for export.

DAy 1 

  • Introduction – Welcoming of Participants. Introduction to your dedicated Customer Advocates
  • ProductSelection Attendees will be able to use a simple weighted calculaƟon to determine the best product to export by factoring demand, weight, volume, shelf life, manufacturing cost, etc
  • Base Minimum Price (BMP) - Determine the best export base minimum price.
  • Amazon Selling Fees - Understanding Amazon’s seller fees, category fees, FBA fees, and other fees and will be able to accurately compute profitability selling on Amazon for their product.
  • Profitability Calculations - Using the Profitability Calculator – Participants will be able to determine the profitability of their products for sale across these various channels (African Stores, US Retail Stores, Direct to Consumers, and Wholesalers) and combine it with the BMP to get true profitability.​
  • Amazon Profitability - Using the Export and Sell Product Profitability calculator to determine the net profitability when selling on Amazon from Nigeria. Use of Helium 10 / Jungle Scout to verify demand.
  • Practical - More practice on BMP and profitability analysis for various channels
  • Q and A- Question and answer session covering the day’s topics

DAy 2 

  • Branding – Branding your product to meet US buyers’ tastes.
  • FDA labeling requirements for food – Nutritional values, Ingredient listing, Allergens, and other FDA-required contents.​
  • Product packaging - The easy and practical way to determine the best packaging
  • Licenses – FDA Food Facility Registration – The right way to get an FDA facility registration.
  • ​Licenses – MOCRA – The new FDA cosmetic facility registration.
  • Licenses and Registrations for other items - Artwork, Alcoholic beverages, Fashion
  • AGOA Ship duty-free to America. Determining the right HS-Code and how to request a duty waiver for your export. Participants will know how to navigate the US tariff system.
  • ​Export Documentations - The correct way to complete your commercial invoice and packing list. A review of bond requirements to ship into the USA, FDA pre-alert notifications, and what to watch out for in the shipping and clearing process.
  • Shipping - Packaging the right way – Volumetric Weight, CBM and shipping calculations
  • ​Automated Warehousing System – Export and Sell’s proprietary warehouse Software designed for remote management of their inventory, and ​the automated dispatch of products to anywhere in the USA and Canada.
  • ​​Practicals - Participants will combine the knowledge of Day 1 (BMP/Profitability Calculations) and Day 2 (Branding, Labelling, Packaging, and Licensing) to determine the best product to export.​

DAy 3 

  • Amazon Listing - Creating your Amazon product listing
  • Practical - Amazon Listing Practical  
  • Amazon Photography - Amazon’s requirements for photography and what is needed for photography that converts
  • Amazon Copy Writing​ – how to carry out keyword research and how to use the right keywords to create the perfect listing that leads to ranking high organically.
  • Branding For Amazon – What is branding on Amazon, and how do l differentiate and protect my listing.
  • Amazon Ads - How to set your Amazon PPC adverts
  • Q and A  Questions on selling on Amazon

DAy 4 

  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice
  • ​HACCP​ - ​​Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
  • Diaspora Selling – African In Diaspora – How to sell to Africans in Diaspora
  • African Stores – Preparing your product for sale in African Stores.
  • US Retail Stores – US retail stores that will carry your products.
  • Q and A  - Q and A / Fare Well / Reviews / Testimonials

By The End Of This 4 Practical sessions, You Will Be Able To Implement The Proven Success Strategies Used By The Top 1% Of Exporters In Africa...

150Hours 05Minutes 00Seconds

The only PRACTICAL-based export event that helps you get it RIGHT with Export and EMPOWER you financially to start

Who Is This Event For

  • Registered ​​businesses that have products they sell locally
  • ​Businesses with NAFDAC license for the products they sell
  • Anyone with money who wants to invest in export
  • Must be computer literate and come with their laptops.

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Hear From Those Who Have Gone Through This Program

Winner Of The Pan African International Award Of Excellence

Over 3,000 Businesses Trained professionally within 3 years   

Sponsored by NEPC (Nigeria Export Promotion Council) since 2020.

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Learn The PSS System Used By Successful Exporters

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Discover The 3 Proven Secrets Of Successful Exporters

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SECRET 1# Prepare 

  • ​Determine the capital you need to start your export business
  • Know the right product(s) that will give you the maximum profit
  • Determine the licenses you need for your selected product(s)
  • ​Brand and packaging the right way to easily attract buyers
HS Codes png

SECRET 2# Send

  • Prepare export documentations to avoid customs issues
  • Know the right HS-Codes to use so as to pay the minimum duty
  • Pay zero duties to USA by documenting for AGOA the right way
  • ​Get low-cost warehousing so you can distribute all over the USA
  • Save up to 70% on shipping to the USA using a simple trick

SECRET 3# Sell

  • ​Make your first $$$ selling to millions of buyers on Amazon
  • ​Use 9 Simple ways to find high buyers all over the USA
  • ​Prepare your product to be accepted by African stores in USA
  • ​How to sell to US retail stores, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • ​Prepare your business to expand into Walmart and bigger stores

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What is the one touch secret to trigger streams of ABROAD buyers for your product!!!​

We designed the "Export To Wealth" program to equip both budding and existing exporters with the essential tools they need to quickly grow their export business. This initiative represents an investment of over $200,000, and we are confident that with commitment to the process outlined, participants will witness tangible results in a remarkably short time frame

  • ​Assess your current product and revamp it to align with the demands of US, Canadian, and other international markets.
  • ​Assist in obtaining necessary licenses and certifications and ensure compliance with foreign regulations
  • ​Facilitate air or sea shipping, streamline customs clearance, and provide warehousing solutions at our facilities in Houston and/or Atlanta
  • ​Employ the use of multi-channels, including our network of over 1,500 African stores in the USA, our E-commerce platform, Amazon, and US retail outlets, to connect with buyers in the international market

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So you have a product and a registered company

But You Have tried In The Past To Start Exporting And Failed...

it’s OK... you could Also Be Asking

  • I have my company registered now, I have my export license, l have my local certifications, l even have international certifications - What is next in the export process
  • ​I am ready now to export, how do l determine the best way to package to make sure they meet US specifications
  • ​What size of packaging should l use to make sure it is acceptable to the market
  • ​How do l know the right shipping company to use for my export. Is it every shipping company that offers me the lowest cost that l should use.
  • ​If l get buyers in the USA, do l ship to them before they pay. What is the best way to protect my items so l am guaranteed of payment

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  • ​​No worries on how to find buyers abroad, sell on Amazon and US stores
  • ​​...And no more “wishing” you could see your products become best sellers on Amazon, have wholesale and retail distributors all over the USA, as well as to have your products on the shelfs on major US retailers such as Walmart, Target, SamsClub, Costco etc.

Nduka Udeh - "I know this event is worth every minute of your time because after talking to over 3,000 African businesses having issues with export to the USA, we have asked those who handle these exports to show you exactly how to solve these issues"

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By the end of the event, you’ll leave with high-impact and actionable plans designed to get to exporting and earning in dollars in as little as 30 days.

Meet Your Host

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Export and Sell LLC, Houston, Texas

For 11 years, I was the CEO of American AirSea Cargo, where l oversaw the shipping of over 2,000,000 products from the USA to Africa and Africa to the USA while serving over 150,000 customers.

I have overseen the export of thousands of shipments. So, I have seen it all and will share with you at this summit all you need to be successful in exporting to the USA.

I have so far trained over 3,000 African businesses on how to export stress-free to the USA and sell their products on multiple channels in the USA, including Amazon. I have trained numerous companies on behalf of the Nigerian government and taught at seminars for the Lagos Business School, where I showed companies how to tap into a multi-channel sales system in the USA.

I hold a B.Eng. from the University of Benin, an MSc from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, as well as numerous certifications from courses at Harvard Business School, MIT, IATA, and other institutions.

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