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Need Help Selling Your Products In USA And On Amazon, So You Can Start Earning In Dollars In Under 30 Days

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A solution designed for businesses who have export ready products but have not been able to find buyers in the USA. We will hand hold you and turn your ambitions into reality.

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Ready To Create A Thriving Export Business From Scratch? What Do We Do For Other Existing Businesses?


Practical Export Approach

  • ​How you can start exporting in 30 days ​
  • ​Discover if your products are profitable for export so you don't run at a loss
  • ​ ​How you can get the necessary licenses you need to start export​, so you avoid customs issues
  • ​How to easily penetrate the US market, break even quickly and get buyers easily​
  • ​Key secrets to kick start your export business without worrying about tons of export rules

Multi-channel Buyer Finding Secrets

  • ​Key secrets to easily find buyers in the US and sell via various channels ​
  • ​Crystal clear understanding of our multi-channel sales solution
  • ​ How you can tweak your product to meet US buyers' specifications and maximize sale ​
  • ​How you can sale your products on multiple channels in the USA and earn in dollars
  • ​How to handle order fulfilments, and distribute to your customers in the US

Smart Shipping Formular

  • ​​How to get the lowest shipping cost so you increase your profit drastically. ​
  • ​What documents you need to avoid customs issues ​
  • ​Secret method to get a cheaper yet fast and reliable shipping ​
  • ​What packaging can save you a lot of shipping fee
  • ​ ​Best distribution solution for your customers in the USA
  • ​ ​Cost effective warehousing solution used by other top exporters
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Sell On Amazon And US Stores

  • ​​How you can have your products listed on Amazon and on US stores
  • ​ ​How you can have your own store on Amazon ​
  • ​Practical steps you need to start selling on profitably on Amazon ​
  • ​Amazon best sellers best practices ​
  • ​Best distribution solution for your customers in the USA

This Is Your One-Time Opportunity To Get a Practical One-Stop Solution To All Your Export barrier

Normally $250...Free Just For Today

Free Slots Are Very Limited, So Don't Delay One Bit
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Some African Companies Working With Us

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What's The One Thing You Need To Start And Grow Your Export Business Within 30 Days

This Is Literally The BEST Time To Launch Your Export Idea Into The World... Get Buyers and Start Earning In Dollars So You Can Achieve Your Financial Goals And Have The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

Before The Consultation

  • ​Having the drive, but don’t know how or where to start your export business...​.
  • ​Questioning if your product is even “good and profitable enough for export”
  • ​ Confused about the right licenses you need to successfully export
  • ​ ​Worried about how to easily find US buyers for your products ​
  • ​Want to start selling on Amazon and to stores in the US but don't know how to go about it.

After The Consultation

  • More confident with the practical blueprints on how to launch your export business in under 30 days ​
  • ​Achieve a crystal-clear knowledge if your product is good and profitable for export
  • ​ ​Identify the needed certifications and licenses you need to export without issues
  • ​ ​Now have the proven multi-channel sales system that easily finds you buyers and distributors in US ​
  • ​​You can now tap into the 33 billion monthly Amazon sales and sell on US Store

I am Eager To Show You The Practical Step-by-Step Method Used By Successful Multi-Million Dollar Exporting African Companies To Get US Buyers And Quickly Grow Their Company

Normally $250...Free Just For Today

Free Slots Are Very Limited, So Don't Delay One Bit
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Get Free Access To My Past Trainings

I have compiled a list of over 20 training videos where I will show you the key things you need to successfully start exporting and earning in dollars within 30 Days.

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Transform Your Knowledge About Export And Get US Buyers Easily

We Will Walk You Through A Practical Step By Step Formula That Will Empower You To Quickly Start And Grow Your Export Business...This Will Work For You Even If You Currently Have 0% Export Knowledge Or Have No Idea How You Can Get Buyers!!!!

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  • You don't have any product yet
  • ​You don't have any certified product yet
  • ​ ​You don't have the required capital to start
  • ​ You need help to know the right product to export and profitably sell to in the USA


  • ​You have an exportable product ​
  • ​Your products are locally certified ​
  • ​You have finance for your export business ​
  • ​You can produce over 300 units of your product monthly

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Don't Just Believe When We Say We Have The Solution You Need

Find The Key Export Secrets Used By Multi-Million Dollars Exporting African Companies To Find US Buyer , Export and Earn In Dollars

Normally $250...Free Just For Today

Free Slots Are Very Limited, So Don't Delay One Bit
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MD/CEO -Export and Sell LLC, Houston, Texas.

For 11 years l was the CEO of American AirSea Cargo, where l oversaw the shipping of over 2,000,000 products from the USA to Africa, and Africa to the USA, while serving over 150,000 customers.

l have overseen the export of thousands of shipments, exporting items from food items, fashion, artwork, wooden products, leather products, chemicals, electronics, cars, airplanes and their spare parts, and even contraband items hidden by some customers. So l have seen it all and will share with you in this summit all you need to be successful in exporting to the USA.

I have so far trained over 1,500 African businesses on how to export stress-free to the USA and sell their products on multiple channels in the USA, including Amazon. I have trained numerous companies on behalf of the Nigerian Government and teach at seminars for the Lagos Business School where l show companies how to tap into a multi-channel sales system in the USA.

I hold a B.Eng. from the University of Benin, an MSc from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, as well as numerous certifications from courses at Harvard Business School, MIT, IATA, and other institutions. I have made it my mission to help African business grow through exports to the USA

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